December 2nd 2013

Dedicated to IP security

The implementation of IP-based video security systems is a specialist area, where security meets IT. It encompasses many different components and technologies from both fields, the successful integration of which requires experience and expertise. That is what our IP Security Solutions offer.

Superior image quality

With high-resolution IP cameras we can capture up to eight times more detail than is possible with analogue CCTV cameras, improving a system’s capability to successfully identify people and objects, or to capture a larger area of a scene, which reduces the number of cameras required and the costs.

Intelligent video

With IP video, images are captured in digitized format at source, meaning that software analytics can be performed on the data generated, even at camera level. This has led to great advancements in video surveillance with camera systems now being capable of detecting a wide range of event scenarios, with the common applications being video motion detection, auto tracking, virtual trip wires, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), facial recognition, loitering detection and people counting.

Using video analytics we can turn camera systems in to virtual 24 hour guards that can trigger alerts of anticipated crime events, increasing the chances of preventing a crime from happening or catching vandals in the act.

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