January 6th 2015

o2 is a digital communications company known for it’s innovation and excellent customer service. According to Ofcom, o2’s overall satisfaction within customer service is the highest in the Pay TV and Mobile Markets, with satisfaction levels reaching 75% in 2013.

What you may not know about o2 is that they are a long-running and trusted partner of Lloyds IP. Due to this connection, we’d like to dedicate our first post of the New Year to o2’s great new app: o2 Tu Go.

What is it?

The Tu Go app allows you to use your o2 number on other devices, such as your laptop or tablet. It’s perfect for when you’ve got no signal, or a low battery. You can simply load the app on another device to receive and make calls and texts through that until your phone can be used again.

How does it work?

For Tu Go, all you need is WiFi. Once you begin using the app all of your connections — SMSs, voice-mails, and even a recorded log of all of your voice calls will be stored so that you can access them on another device if you need to. To delete the records you simply delete your account, or delete individual messages within the app, but you can learn more about that here.

Tu Go uses WiFi to call, text, and check voice-mail when your phone is out of use. You can connect with anyone over WiFi, even if they don’t have the Tu Go app! And, if that wasn’t enough, you can even use Tu Go to connect over WiFi when you’re abroad and make calls for free!

How do I get it?

The Tu Go app is available to download free now for o2 Pay Monthly and Business customers. The devices that it is available for are: iOS 5 (and above), Android 2.3 (and above), Windows Phone 8 (and above), and Windows 7 for PC. So, if you have one of these devices and you are an o2 customer then you can download the app today! Tu Go can be downloaded on up to 5 devices at any time.

Just in case we missed anything, check out this short Tu Go advertisement from o2:

So, that’s the innovative Tu Go app from o2! We think it’s a great idea, particularly for emergencies. One more thing to mention is that if your phone is covered by o2 Mobile Insurance then you can use Tu Go to stay in touch on any other device whilst you wait for your lost, damaged, or stolen device to be retrieved.