You’d be hard-pressed to find a business in the UK that hasn’t undergone a significant step change in the way it operates since Covid-19 hit – and Lloyds IP is no different.

We now have a few weeks of managing under lockdown conditions under our belt, and while it’s not necessarily “business as usual”, as a business we’ve adjusted to the new “normal” for both our team and our customers. More than ever before, operating within the restrictions imposed by the government has meant being a “practice what we preach” business: making use of the very remote working solutions we talk to our customers about every day to enable business continuity. 

At Lloyds IP we’ve been working incredibly hard to ensure the safety of our staff and customers is maintained at all times, calling upon remote working tools to provide an effective workforce that serves our customers in the same way they would expect under normal circumstances. Our solutions from some of the leading technology vendors around the globe have enabled us to deliver the same levels of security and connectivity, and react to our customers’ needs quickly and effectively as demanded by the unprecedented events. 

Our aim at Lloyds IP is to help our customers weather the Covid-19 storm and we’ve already supported a number of organisations to help minimise disruption to their business. 

Don’t just take our word for it – our client, Bashir Khalifa at Kingswell Watts Solicitors Limited, recently said: 

“Just like to say huge thanks to Lloyds IP, part of the Charterhouse Voice & Data Group and the engineers there for helping set up Kingswell Watts Solicitors Limited with Working From Home. If you ever need help with IT or telecoms they are only a phone call away.” 

When will it all end? Nobody yet knows the answer but rest assured, Lloyds IP is here to help our customers with the solutions they need to reduce the impact the virus has on their business operations. 

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