February 12th 2015
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Do you ever find yourself wishing you had faster internet?

If the answer is yes, and you own a small to medium sized business, then your wishes have finally come true in the form of the BDUK Voucher Scheme.

What is the BDUK Voucher Scheme?

The BDUK Voucher Scheme is part of a UK Government initiative to assist small and medium sized businesses so that they can benefit from reaching better internet speeds.

The Government has allocated budget to 22 city councils across the UK so that small to medium sized businesses can benefit from services offering 20Mb or more download speeds that they may not otherwise have been able to afford. The scheme is running until March next year (2016) and it allows small to medium sized businesses to obtain grants of up to £3000 towards any connection or construction charges.

The great thing about this scheme is that the money does not have to be paid back. It’s a grant, not a loan. The BDUK Voucher Scheme is all about helping your business out.

Why is fast internet so important?

Speedy broadband is vital because it allows for faster transmissions of data. Faster transmissions of data = increased productivity. It’s that simple.
As the way in which we work becomes more and more digital, we are continuously relying on the internet to assist us for a large portion of our working day. The key word here is relying because let’s face it, we’ve all been there: The internet is down and all anyone can do is wait for the IT guys to figure out the problem. Minutes, sometimes hours, of time that could have been used productively is wasted. And more often that not, customers become frustrated.
We possibly rely on the internet within business much more than we would like to admit. For example, all of the emails we send each day, both internally and externally, use the internet, and they take up a considerable amount of our time. Especially as a lot of businesses these days are keeping and transferring all of their documents digitally. Digital documents take longer to download and send via email, so a faster network would improve this aspect of business.
And, obviously emails aren’t the only aspect of business that could be improved by faster internet connections. There’s web browsing, researching, not to mention security updates. All anti-virus software relies on the internet in order to be updated. These updates are crucial to protecting your business information, and possibly the information you hold about your clients and customers, so it’s important to update it as quickly as possible.
And it’s not just us that think fast internet is important! In a recent survey, over 40% of respondents agreed that a faster network would improve their profits. For further confirmation you can also check out this video below to find out how the BDUK Voucher Scheme has already helped real business owners:

Is my business eligible?

So, now that you know why faster internet is so important, and that there is a way to get it for free(!) it’s time to see if you are eligible.
The clear cut guidelines state that you must be a small or medium sized business in Britain, employing between 1 and 249 staff with an annual turnover that does not exceed £40 million. Your business also needs to be within the 22 areas that have been allocated budget for this scheme by the government. For your convenience, please find the list below:

1. Aberdeen
2. Belfast
3. Birmingham
4. Brighton and Hove
5. Bristol
6. Cambridge
7. Cardiff
8. Derby
9. Derry/Londonderry
10.  Edinburgh
11.  Leeds
12.  Liverpool
13.  London
14.  Manchester
15.  Newcastle
16.  Newport
17.  Nottingham
18.  Oxford
19.  Perth
20.  Portsmouth
21.  Salford
22.  York

If you’re unsure from this list whether you’re eligible or not then give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you more information!

Final Thoughts

So this is some really great news for small to medium sized businesses! Here at Lloyds IP, we plan on helping all of our customers who are eligible for the scheme to apply and get faster internet today. For more information on the BDUK voucher scheme, or to find out how to apply, get in touch with Lloyds today!